TalislantaTalislanta is an RPG that I must admit I’ve never looked into before – not due to any dislike or disinterest, but simply because I already had a lot of fantasy RPGs in my collection.

As it turns out, that was my loss. It’s an elegantly simple game system paired with a rich, detailed setting.

Now, you can get the entire Talislanta library for free (in PDF form, of course) at talislanta.com

I should clarify that this is an ongoing project – a few of the books in the catalog aren’t scanned yet, and those that are are being released in a series of stages, from a basic image scan, to full OCR (making the text searchable and cut-and-pasteable), to bookmarking and indexing.

But there’s a great system in place for tracking all of the progress, and a lot of support is coming in from the original publishers and the fan community.  It is clearly a labor of love for a classic roleplaying game.