With less than nine days left, I just made a pledge to the Reaper Bones Kickstarter project, which is aimed at covering the costs for releasing new minis in their Bones line. They’re great looking plastic minis at reasonable prices, and at the $100 level, you get 117+ minis (potentially more if future stretch goals are reached). The best part of all is that the initial goal was destroyed long ago, so you don’t have to worry about the project not getting funding!

I’m thinking it’s a fairly inexpensive way to start a new collection of minis to replace the ones I lost in the fire. For you, it may be a great way to vastly expand your own collection on the cheap, and there are a bunch of options that you can add to your reward (extra minis, paints, figure cases, and more). If you’re interested in mini gaming at all, this is definitely worth a look – but do it quickly, there’s just a little more than a week left!


P.S. Oh yeah, a link to the Kickstarter would probably help, huh…?