Get caught!

As I’m certain everyone who reads this blog knows, I am the caretaker of The Escapist, a website devoted to advocacy of and the positive promotion for tabletop roleplaying games. If not, I encourage you to click that link and have a look around.

One of the more successful projects from that site is something called Read an RPG Book in Public Week, a thrice-yearly event that encourages gamers to take their favorite RPG books with them when they leave home and read them in a public place, to increase the visibility of the hobby, generate interest, meet fellow gamers, and possibly even bring in new players and those who haven’t played in a long time.

The third and final Read an RPG Book in Public Week of 2010 is this very week, and I’d like to encourage everyone who reads this little blog of mine to check out the project page and consider participating.

If you do participate, be sure to chronicle your efforts on the official Facebook page, post pictures on the Flickr account, and/or use the #readrpgs hashtag on Twitter – all of the links are available on the project’s page, along with links to translations in French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Now get out there and let your geek flag fly!