June 2010

This FARK headline’s comment thread:

Allowing citizens to build 36-foot-tall windmills would be horribly dangerous to the Royal Air Force, says spokesman Don Quixote

…brought me to this XKCD strip that I had never seen before.

What’s that, you say? You’re trying to come up with an idea for an adventure, and all you need is an adjective, noun, and a story complication?

Well then, you should give Andrew Bosley’s Brainstormer wheel gadget thingy a spin! Click the “Random” button in the center, and you could get something like:

self sacrifice – Egyptian – wagon

Which, with a little bit of applied brainstorming, could turn into something like:

a devoted and self-sacrificing archaeologist has gone missing while investigating the remains of some ancient Egyptian cattle wagons


a resurrected Egyptian mummy driving around in a stolen station wagon is terrorizing the neighborhood, and the PCs may have to skip their prom night in order to bring a stop to this evil.

…or something entirely different. Give it a try!