Hi there, my name is Bill. Some of you reading this may know me from a website called The Escapist (www.theescapist.com), where I do my best to promote the roleplaying hobby in as many positive ways as possible – dispelling the myths about RPGs and LARPs, explaining what they are and how they work, encouraging new players and young people to try them out, promoting them in schools and libraries, and more.

I have a blog on the site (www.theescapist.com/blog) where I discuss these issues and more, but I never really talk much about gaming itself – the RPGs I enjoy and why I enjoy them, the games I run for my kids and at Origins every summer, the games I’d really like to run and/or play in, the places where I find inspiration for stories, locations, and characters, the blogs and websites that I read, and all that sort of thing.

I figured that this may be a good place to write about all of that. The posts may be sparse at times, as the website and various advocacy projects take up a lot of my free time. But I’m hoping to make up for quantity with quality.

Let’s see how that works